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Wind vs. Solar Energy in Alabama
This map shows the solar resource in the United States for photovoltaic

Alabama has GREAT access to solar energy.  
The Department of Energy's Wind Program and the National Renewable
Energy Laboratory (NREL) c
ollects and publishes wind energy stats and
data.  This map shows the wind resource for residential size wind turbines
at 30 meters (about 100 ft).  Click on the map to link directly to the DOE's

Alabama has very few places where harvesting wind energy i
s feasible.  
Yes, we have installed a few for people that want one.  Wanting a wind
turbine is about the best reason for having one.  I think most Alabamians
that have one have lost their appetite for them.

Advancements in turbine technology have lowered the wind speed
necessary to produce power to around
4.5 meters per second.  Even at that
number, Alabama does not make the mark.
 So, wind will likely not provide
a lot of your power.  But it might just be a part of your overall package to
reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.
Solar Energy Resource Map - US
I often get questions about wind power.  Because it takes so much wind to produce power, Alabama has few
places where wind turbines are economical.  However, a wind turbine might be an important component of an
alternate energy system.  Our renewable energy systems rely heavily on solar.  But the wind is often strong when
the solar is not.  Besides, some people just want one...
2 kW Wind Turbine  installed by
Solar Tech Alabama
is part of owner's plan to reduce
reliance on grid power.